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Entry form: https://www.caniva.com/event/18480/CWDF-IGP-Nationals-2024/

Requirements to enter the 2024 CWDF National All-breed IGP Championship:

Residents of Canada
Dog must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)(1)
Handler must be members of the CKC(2)
Handler must be a member of their CWDF member breed club for the breed of their dog(3)

Non-residents of Canada
Dog must be registered with an FCI-recognized breed registry
Handler must be a member/affiliate of their FCI-recognized IGP National Organization

To enter at a given level, a dog must be eligible to trial at that level, meaning a dog can pass a new title during the event. For example, to enter at the IGP 3 level, the dog must have successfully passed the IPO/IGP level 2 title prior to the championship. To enter at IGP 2 level, the dog must have an IPO/IGP 1 title, and so on. Note that a CWDF/FCI-recognized scorebook proving the entered dog's current title is required. For information on obtaining a CWDF scorebook, please visit http://cwdf.ca/scorebooks/.

Registration opens March 1st, 2024 and closes May 27, 2024. Entry fee is CAD $200 until May 27, $225 for late entries between May 28 and June 7.

At the last step of your registration with Caniva, please attach scans/pictures of the following documents:

  • CKC registration certificate (or other registration certificate issued by an FCI-recognized breed registry for non-residents of Canada or for breeds not recognized by the CKC)(1)
  • CKC membership card (or proof of application)(2)
  • Scorebook pages with the dog's identity and the working titles making them eligible to the level entered
  • CWDF member club membership card (or other proof of membership)(3)
  • Rabies vaccination certificate covering the event dates with the dog's microchip/tattoo number

(1) with the exception of mixed-breed dogs or breeds not recognized by the CKC such as the Dutch Shepherd and the White Swiss Shepherd. In such a case, the FCI-recognized registration from the country of origin will suffice.
» Click here for the CKC form to register an imported dog

(2) See https://www.ckc.ca/en/Join-CKC for more info on becoming a member.
» Click here for the CKC membership application form

(3) with the exception of handlers of mixed-breed dogs, breeds not represented by a delegate on the CWDF General Board, and German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada (GSDCC) members entering with a CKC-registered German Shepherd Dog.  In such cases, the handler's CKC membership card will suffice.
» See http://cwdf.ca/member-clubs/ for the list of CWDF member clubs

Canadian Working Dog Federation 2023 IGP All-breed National Championship