» Venue sponsor

Renting a venue for a championship is very costly! If you would like to sponsor the venue, please e-transfer info@oxfordipo.com

  • Venue sponsor - platinum: $1,000
  • Venue sponsor - gold: $800
  • Venue sponsor - silver: $500
  • Venue sponsor - bronze: $300

» Trophies


IGP 3 Canadian Champion: $350 ISA International Inc
1st place: $300 Ottawa Working Dog Club
2nd: $250 Oxford County Veterinary Clinic
3rd: $250 Vom Arcane Kennels
4th: $200 Hilltop MAS & Australian Shepherds
5th: $200 New Tec Working Dogs

High Tracking: $300 Maza Dog Sports
High Obedience: $300 Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals
High Protection: $300 ISA International Inc

Marc Ellis Memorial Helpers' Choice: $300 Velocity Mortgages
Marvin Eng Sportsmanship Award: $300 Synergy Working Dog Club

High Score Canadian bred: $200 Boxers von Dublinia
High Scoring Female: $200 McMaster, McIntyre & Smyth

1st place:  $150 Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals
2nd: $100 McMaster, McIntyre & Smyth
3rd: $100 Oxford County Veterinary Clinic

1st place: $150 Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals
2nd: $100 Oxford County Veterinary Clinic
3rd: $100

HOT: $150 Thunder Bay Schutzhund Club
BHOT: $150 Oxford County Veterinary Clinic

High Scoring per Breed
High Scoring Belgian Shepherd: Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada ($250)
Belgian Shepherd Canadian Champion: Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association ($350)
Belgian Shepherd 2nd: Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association ($200)
Belgian Shepherd 3rd: Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association ($200)
High German Shepherd: German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada ($250)

High Black Russian Terrierwill be available pending entries
High Bouvier des Flandres: will be available pending entries
High Boxerwill be available pending entries
High Doberman: will be available pending entries
High Giant Schnauzerwill be available pending entries
High Rottweiler: will be available pending entries

» Sponsors and vendors

Event Official Sponsors:

Dog Sport Gear (Main sponsor)

We want to thank Dog Sport Gear for their continual support of the IGP sport in Canada. All field equipment, helper suits and sleeves, and tracking articles for the event are graciously donated by Dog Sport Gear.

Field equipment (blinds, 1m jump, dumbbells, and rack) will be auctioned off on Sunday, June 16, between the end of the competition and the closing ceremony.

Website: https://www.dogsportgear.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DogSportGearCorp

Canadian Working Dog Federation 2023 IGP All-breed National Championship