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Head Judge: Dorwin Anderson
Email: dorwin502@icloud.com

Tracking Judge: Ken Trouton (Canada/CWDF)


Obedience & Protection Judge: Martin Kruiss (Austria/ÖKV) 

Martin has been involved in dog sport since 1993
Military dog handler and instructor since 2009
FCI utility dog judge since 2014 (IDC WCH 2019, FMBB WCH 2022, IDC WCH 2022 and FCI WCH 2024 | National WCH Qualifications in Austria, Czech Republic, England, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, USA and now also Canada)

8 times participant at IGP World Championships with 3 different dogs (FCI, IDC and IFR)
2 times qualified as A-helper for Austrian IGP Championships
Member of Austrian Utility Dog Commission




Congratulations to the selected Helpers for the 2024 CWDF IGP All-Breed National Championship:
- Beaurent, Guillame (Ontario)
- Devaux, Christopher (France - selected helper FCI IGP WC '24)
- Sebo, Sebahattin (British Columbia)
The final selection (Front/Back/Reserve/IGP 1-3) will be done by the protection judge Martin Kruiss on Thursday, June 13.



Tracklayers TBD

Canadian Working Dog Federation 2023 IGP All-breed National Championship